Radial Synthesizer

An enabling technology should increase the capabilities of the user, and the success of a chemical synthesis should not be dependent on the physical skills (or location) of the researcher.

The Radial Synthesizer is a fully automated flow chemistry platform that performs steps in a sequential, but not simultaneous, series. This unique approach provides numerous advantages as compared to a traditional flow chemistry set-up, namely: reactor reuse under different conditions, variable flow rates, stop-flow for longer residence times, storage of intermediates, and the capability of running sequential and distinct syntheses. The system is capable of inline dilutions for rapid optimizations of solvent and concentration, and can be equipped with any in- or online analytical device. The greatest advantage of the system is that due to its design, no physical manipulation of the system is required between different processes. This opens up the benefits of the technology to non-experts and increases the reproducibility and data generation of the chemical sciences.

This instrument was designed with the goal of maximizing the potential of the synthetic chemist - and all those who rely on chemical synthesis. As it is fully automated, remotely accessible, and, once loaded with reagents/solvents, does not require physical manipulation, it is the perfect instrument for a) increasing safety in synthesis labs, b) university teaching labs, c) providing samples/libraries for screenings, d) data sciences and machine learning, and e) increasing the capabilities of researchers worldwide who do not have direct access to state-of-the-art technology through partnerships/instrument sharing or (eventually) via autonomous synthesis centers.

The instrument is comprised fully of commercially available equipment, and the complete software is freely available to any academic researcher. Please use the contact form on the next page and we'll send it over.